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Jennie and Joop
Toronto and Austin
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The_Flop is a dual blog, with Jennie and Steven talking poker, both their individual results and thoughts and discussing pretty much everything about poker. Jennie hosts PokerCSI, an internet radio program at holdemradio.com. It can be heard Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Steven occasionally appears on the show and makes Jennie sound better by comparison.

Joop: aka Steven lives in Austin, has two cats, and is a tournament player. He plays 1/2 - 5/10 limit and occasionally plays some no limit. But mostly he plays tournaments and sit and goes in the $10-$100 range. He can be found as 'Ivpiter' (pronounced Jupiter) on most online sites.

Jennie: Jennie currently resides in Ontario, Canada - but is preparing for a World Poker Excursion to commence in November '07. As an avid NL and Limit Ring Game Player (Ranging from Micro to Mid/High stakes) and currently studying Limit Oh8 Ring games as well as Oh8 PL & Limit MTTs. Online experience has ranged to every Poker game available - and live play is mainly PL and Limit Holdem. She can be found as 'maddizzy' or 'missdizzy' on most online sites.